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John was born in Dumfries, Scotland and developed his interest in music at a very early age, singing in local music competitions. He learned to play guitar, and with a school friend began to perform early Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger songs. Soon, their love of The Shadows, drew the two boys into instrumentals and more modern pop music. As The Freewinds, they linked up with a Scottish bass player and a great drummer from Venezuela.

After a while, The Freewinds merged with another band and became The Reaction. John then found himself playing more blues orientated rock and blues until 1968. He then moved to London, where his music took a back seat, until he re-discovered folk music through Magna Carta, David McWilliams and Gordon Lightfoot.

In 1975, he moved to Gillingham in Kent, with his new wife, where he soon teamed up with a singing partner and started out on the local folk circuit, performing their versions of mainly Scottish folk songs, borrowed from the great library of The Corries.

John, and his expanding family, then moved to Bristol in 1985, where he met up with Suzie and formed Whiskey & Ginger. The next couple of years were spent performing up and down the country at festivals, folk clubs and on local radio.

After two successful albums, Suzie and her husband decided it was time for them to do the European tour, so they bought an old American camper van and went off into the big wide yonder. Although John gave up public performances, a couple of years later, when Suzie returned, she eventually persuaded him to get back on the guitar.

As a result of contact with the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust and British Waterways Keepers Lock was born, and so the story continues……